• Capsule Wardrobe

    Why I Needed A Capsule Wardrobe

    I have so much I want to say, but I have no idea where to begin. I guess we can start in two thousand seven. I was in high school and my life consisted of school Monday through Thursday afternoon and partying Thursday night through Sunday night. Each party or get-together that I attended required a brand new outfit. I would spend my parent’s hard-earned money on expensive clothes and shoes. I would also spend most of my weekend grooming myself and straightening my hair so that when the evening came around, I would be flawless. Then college happened and my party outfits turned to t-shirts and jeans. Once I…

  • innermost thoughts in motherhood
    Innermost Motherhood

    Innermost Thoughts In Motherhood

    Have you ever had a thought and immediately mom-shamed yourself for it? I’m talking about the type of thoughts that we mothers have on the sixth day of no more than three hours of uninterrupted sleep. You know that thought, the one you’d die for before having to admit. Please, I know you know. You have to know! I can’t be the only one. Or wait, maybe it’s not a thought, maybe it’s an action. Maybe you’ve shoved your baby’s paci a little too rough into their mouth. Perhaps you’ve tucked in your wildly innocent toddler one bit too hard. Dear Mama, your innermost thoughts in motherhood are more common…

  • capsule wardrobe mother
    Capsule Wardrobe

    Why Every Mother Needs A Capsule Wardrobe

    I am a mother and I refuse to look like a hot mess (most of the time). OK, I admit it, I don’t give as much effort as I should when it comes to looking my best. But that has to change because feeling my best starts with looking my best. At least for me. Yes, mental health matters a lot, but if we are being completely honest, what we look like, definitely affects how we feel. I can’t blame it all on motherhood. I stopped trying long before that. But it is in motherhood that I have noticed the effects of this behavior. Simply put, if I don’t put…

  • Halloween,  Reviews

    5 Cute Halloween Costumes For Babies & Young Toddlers

    How could we make an already adorable chubster of a baby any cuter? You put him in a furry animal costume! Today, I want to share with you my absolute favorite Halloween costumes for babies and young toddlers, but first, a quick story. Last year, Liam was a BOO for Halloween. You know, the ghostly kind. The costume was from Carter’s and I liked it. It was innocent and cute. Exactly what you want for your two-month-old. We did not go trick or treating, honestly, we didn’t even celebrate because, well, he was too young. But I still got him the costume because of photos, duh. When this September was…

  • halloween movies for toddlers
    Entertainment,  Halloween

    5 Halloween Movies For Toddlers On Netflix & Hulu

    Today, I felt Fall. Today, on the seventh day of October, I felt a tiny something in the air resembling my favorite season of the year. I would be lying to you if I said that I didn’t open the windows in our apartment every day since the first of October. I do it so that I can catch that first fall breeze of the year. If you didn’t know, I live in South Florida. Humid, rainy, and non-fallish South Florida. So today, when I felt that wee of a breeze, I rejoiced. Since late September, I’ve been introducing my wildling to Halloween. We did some home decorating, we read…

  • are you good enough

    Are You Good Enough?

    Do not allow anyone, including your partner, to make you feel like you are not good enough. I started the sentence with anyone because that is true, no one should have that kind of power over you, but this post is about the latter part of that sentence. Today I want to focus on this truth. Never, ever, ever allow your significant other to make you feel like you are not good enough. They don’t do it on purpose. I’m sure your husband or wife loves you to the moon and back, but one wrong comment said at the wrong time, can bring about the heart-shattering feeling of not being…