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5 Cute Halloween Costumes For Babies & Young Toddlers

How could we make an already adorable chubster of a baby any cuter? You put him in a furry animal costume! Today, I want to share with you my absolute favorite Halloween costumes for babies and young toddlers, but first, a quick story.

Last year, Liam was a BOO for Halloween. You know, the ghostly kind. The costume was from Carter’s and I liked it. It was innocent and cute. Exactly what you want for your two-month-old. We did not go trick or treating, honestly, we didn’t even celebrate because, well, he was too young. But I still got him the costume because of photos, duh.

When this September was upon us, I started looking for this year’s perfect costume. I cannot tell you how much I searched. Baby costumes are one of my all-time favorite things. I looked through every single online shop and I would always end up in the same spot, starring at the same costumes with glossy eyes and a hopeful heart (hello, Pottery Barn kids).

I fell absolutely and completely in love with their woodland animal costumes. Gosh, I wanted to get Liam that goat costume so bad. You read that right, goat. Never in a million years did I think that I would dress my toddler as a goat, but at that moment that was all my heart desired. As soon as I saw the price, though, my baby goat dreams were shattered. There was no way that I would spend sixty-nine dollars on a one-time-use item. No way!

So I did what I always do when I want something I cannot afford. I checked the website every single day until the item went on sale. Haha. I checked at work, I checked in the bathroom, and I checked before going to bed. I obsessed over this costume for almost two weeks and now, well now the price has been brought down to forty dollars. Forty dollars, mamas.

A hefty price for something he will only use one day, but definitely a much manageable one.

And so here we are, three weeks before Halloween and the most amazing woodland animal costumes on sale. Below are my absolute favorites!

Woodland Baby Goat



Woodland Baby Fox

woodland-baby-fox-costume-1-o woodland-baby-fox-costume-o

Woodland Baby Squirrel

toddler-woodland-squirrel-costume-1-o toddler-woodland-squirrel-costume-o

Baby Giraffe


Baby Hippo

baby-hippo-costume-1-o baby-hippo-costume-2-o

5 halloween costumes for babies and toddlers

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