There are so many wonderful writers out there, most of them focusing on lifestyle and parenting. These are amazing creatives with amazing ideals and a lot of knowledge and experience to offer. These authors are out there killing it. Every. Single. Day. So why do I think that I have what it takes to join in on this community of talented bloggers and creators?

Well, I’ve always had a big affair with words. No, seriously. I am moved by little words and big words. I am inspired, motivated, and empowered by words. They are full of meaning, love, and clarity. So that and my passion for helping other women, who like me, wholeheartedly enjoy motherhood, marriage, and homemaking is why I am doing this.

And who am I? 

I am Jamnetty. I identify with INFJs and all highly sensitive people. I live to help others. It fuels my fire to know that I am making a valuable difference in someones life. I am way more than I could share on this page, but I will tell you my most important “am”.

I am a loving, inpatient, and ever evolving mother. I am a strong, restless, and forever loyal wife

Another thing I am; flawed.

Why wemadeit?

When my husband and I were young and free, we would take long drives to beautiful places. Aside from our love and joy, there was one thing we always did. Any time we saw an elderly couple, a big family, an RV, a beautiful white picket fence house, or  a boat we would say, “they made it”. 

So it was only natural that once my husband and I got married, I’d gift him a song.

We Made It by Veronica Tavares is the story of how my husband, Jay Jay, and I met and fell in love. So, wemadeit was the only name that felt right for the blog. It is a reminder that no matter what, we made it and guess what? You made it too.