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    Finding Your Self-Identity In Motherhood

    Did you lose your self-identity after becoming a mother? I know I did. I was so focused on being a perfect mom and a perfect wife and a perfect everything for everyone that in the process, I lost sight of who I was. Not to say that I knew my purpose before motherhood, but I was a little selfish and felt more in tune with my desires. It’s sort of bittersweet this motherhood thing. I mean, becoming a mom to my sweet boy has been the greatest blessing and has made me mature and become very selfless and responsible, but after a year of joy, struggles, and so many new…

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    Bonding With Your Baby

    Unconditional love. That is what a woman should feel the moment she lays eyes on her brand new baby. Her world fills up with devotion and affection. The best day of her life. I suppose some woman DO experience these emotions, but that was not my case. When Liam was born, via c-section, I heard his cry, and I smiled. A few minutes later, my husband, Jay Jay, had him in his arms and brought him over so that I could see his little face. I didn’t feel any infatuation or fondness for this little creature. I thought he was cute and I knew I would love him, but that…

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    On Being A Controlling Mother

    I am a controlling mother. That is my truth. I want Liam’s routines to be consistent, I only want him to be cared for by my husband and I, and I want my husband to care for him the same way I do because apparently I believe that my way is the safest and only way. The hardest part of becoming a mother has been learning to let go and accept that I cannot micromanage it all. I have also been learning the difference between advocating for my baby and trying to C O N T R O L each aspect of his care. This is definitely a work in…