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    What Does Baby Eczema Look Like

    Google the words “baby eczema” and you will find hundreds if not thousands of heart-wrenching photos. These photos, however, will only give you a glimpse into the harsh reality of parents with eczema-prone children. They do not describe to you what baby eczema really is or what it looks like. From the first day of Liam’s diagnosis, I have had multiple friends, family members, and strangers downplay the condition. I’ve had so many people doubt the gravity of his flare-ups and even more people criticize me for prioritizing staying at home with him over going out while he was going through his first flare-ups. Baby eczema looks like an isolated…

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    Eczema | Laundry Routine

    Our biggest challenge in taking care of Liam has been managing his Eczema. In a past post, I wrote about our introduction to the Atopic Dermatitis and I found that many mothers could relate. Therefore, I have decided to start a series on all things Eczema. I hope these posts bring some sort of peace and resolution to those in need of it. Baby Eczema is tough and the long journey of trial and error can be draining to both new and experienced mothers. Related : Intro to Eczema The first subject in our research of what was causing Liam’s Eczema flare-ups was the detergent we were using. Ever since…

  • Introduction To Baby Eczema

    Introduction To Baby Eczema

    We got our unfortunate introduction to baby eczema two weeks before Liam turned three months. In the short time we’ve had a baby, we’ve encountered many obstacles, but this by far was the most frustrating and heartbreaking. At the climax of his first eczema flare up, I found emotional days, nights spent crying (me, not him), and steroidal cream usage (against my will). Today, as I write this, my angel boy is napping in his swing without any discomfort. Finally. To start off, dry skin does not mean eczema, but eczema does mean dry skin and raw skin and itchy skin. When Liam’s pediatrician first told us that he had…