• surviving babys first vaccines

    Surviving Baby’s First Shots

    Vaccines are a very controversial + taboo topic. I’ve avoided the “vaccines are bad” rabbit hole because sometimes ignorance is bliss. I am aware that these shots are chock-full of toxins and that there is reason to believe that they cause autism, among other things. I, however, believe that disease prevention is of big importance and outweighs the cons of vaccinations. Related: Five Important Reasons To Vaccinate Your Child With that being said, if you choose to not vaccinate your child, I support that. I am a big believer that every parent knows what is best for their child. #youaretheparent So without further ado here are the steps I took…

  • newborn christmas gift guide

    Newborn Christmas Gift Guide

    What should you gift the little bundle of joy in your life? Firstly, let me explain that a baby is considered a newborn till about two months. Secondly, what the heck do you buy a one or two-month-old? This guide is for everyone except the parents of the said newborn. I intentionally left out all the fun stuff because if we are being honest, toys and stuffed animals are not at all useful in the newborn stage. So without further ado, here are the gifts that all newborns and new-parents would love! The photos are linked to the products for easy gifting.   Owlet Smart Sock This cute little sock…