• bed sharing save money

    How Bed Sharing Can Save You Money | Sleep After Baby

    In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded with innovative products that promise to simplify our lives. This is especially true in the baby industry. From the second you find out you are expecting, you begin browsing the baby stores, Amazon, and the ever euphoric, Target. You choose a baby registry and you add item after item. At this stage, it can be easy to see the amount of money you could be spending and not fret because everything is so new and beautiful, but once the baby fever fades and your bank accounts start experiencing a drought, you start looking for ways to save money. So let me…

  • get your baby to sleep anywhere

    How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Anywhere | Sleep After Baby

    With its lightweight features, the Dock-A-Tot can be one of the simplest baby products to take with you anywhere you go. From the bedroom to the living room to a tropical island in the Caribbean. I waited until my son was five months old to purchase the DockATot even though I had my eye on it from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I finally got it when we were struggling to get him to stay asleep for longer than two to three hours. The first night my son slept in it, he slept for FIVE uninterrupted hours and with time he began sleeping for longer periods. His…

  • The Impartial Reason For Why We Cosleep father and son in bed

    The Impartial Reason For Why We Cosleep

    As I try to articulate my thoughts on this topic, I can’t help but feel my chest tighten up. Co-sleeping has brought us comfort, warmth, and peace of mind. Three things I never thought I would be able to feel again at night. This is a topic that I am very passionate about because there are so many negative associations to it. As a first time mom, I wanted to do everything by the books and the books said I had to train my baby to sleep so that is what I did. That is also what led me to a night full of regret, a night in which my…