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    5 Cute Halloween Costumes For Babies & Young Toddlers

    How could we make an already adorable chubster of a baby any cuter? You put him in a furry animal costume! Today, I want to share with you my absolute favorite Halloween costumes for babies and young toddlers, but first, a quick story. Last year, Liam was a BOO for Halloween. You know, the ghostly kind. The costume was from Carter’s and I liked it. It was innocent and cute. Exactly what you want for your two-month-old. We did not go trick or treating, honestly, we didn’t even celebrate because, well, he was too young. But I still got him the costume because of photos, duh. When this September was…

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    Nexplanon | An Updated Birth Control Review

    About eight months ago I shared a review on Nexplanon. In that review, I spoke about the insertion procedure, some of the side effects I experienced, and how well it was working for me. I made it clear that it was not the best or safest form of birth control, but that it was the best choice for me at the time. Today I wanted to provide you with a better-detailed review based on my research and experience. A few months ago I had the Nexplanon removed and I am so happy I did. So if you are thinking about birth control and are looking into this arm implant, keep…

  • Nexplanon birth control review

    Nexplanon | A Birth Control Review

    In my twenty-eight years of life, I have never used birth control. The main reason for that being my mother. She always advised me against it and so I listened. However, after Liam was born, I knew that I would look into the different options available to me. I was very specific in regards to the type of method I wanted to go with. I knew that the pill would not work for me. I do not have the type of discipline necessary to take a pill every day. I’ve tried to take multivitamins and even that is a struggle for me. The IUD did not sound pleasant to me…