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Eczema | Laundry Routine

Our biggest challenge in taking care of Liam has been managing his Eczema. In a past post, I wrote about our introduction to the Atopic Dermatitis and I found that many mothers could relate. Therefore, I have decided to start a series on all things Eczema. I hope these posts bring some sort of peace and resolution to those in need of it. Baby Eczema is tough and the long journey of trial and error can be draining to both new and experienced mothers.

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The first subject in our research of what was causing Liam’s Eczema flare-ups was the detergent we were using. Ever since Liam was born, we used Dreft Stage 1 on his and our clothes. It was not until he was two months old that he had his first flare up. So I ruled out the detergent as a cause for his irritated skin. I, however, did make some changes to the way we launder his clothes.

The routine begins the moment we change his clothing, so buckle up and join me while I do my virtual laundry with you.



Step One

When Liam’s clothes get dirty or soaked in drool, I change him right away. The longer I keep dirty clothes on him, the more likely his pores are to get clogged. Clogged pores equal to no natural skin oils being produced and released, further drying out and irritating the skin.

Step Two

I divide dirty clothes into small piles. I do not do this for the color’s sake. I do this because the fewer clothes that are in the washing machine, the better the washer will work and the cleaner the clothes will get. Although it takes more time, I feel secure with the quality of the washing.

Step Three

I then do a Rinse And Spin cycle. This guarantees that all irritants are removed from the clothes and only the crisp cleanliness is left.

Step Four

The next step is to dry the clothes without any dryer sheets. The goal here is to avoid introducing any extra chemicals.

Step Five

Finally, when all the clothes are completely dry, I fold and put it away.

I hope you notice the theme here; to keep things simple and avert all extra chemicals. I have been considering switching to Tide Free & Gentle, mainly because of the hefty price that the Dreft brand is attached to, but I fear switching and causing a flare-up. If any of you use Free & Gentle, please let me know how you like it and if it has irritated your baby’s skin.


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