• are you good enough

    Are You Good Enough?

    Do not allow anyone, including your partner, to make you feel like you are not good enough. I started the sentence with anyone because that is true, no one should have that kind of power over you, but this post is about the latter part of that sentence. Today I want to focus on this truth. Never, ever, ever allow your significant other to make you feel like you are not good enough. They don’t do it on purpose. I’m sure your husband or wife loves you to the moon and back, but one wrong comment said at the wrong time, can bring about the heart-shattering feeling of not being…

  • Fall and Winter Capsule Wardrobe
    Capsule Wardrobe

    Toddler Capsule Wardrobe | Fall + Winter 2018

    Fall and Winter in South Florida are not nearly as cozy as I would like them to be, but at some point, it does cool down. So until then, I’m going to start working on our capsule wardrobes for the upcoming seasons. Last Fall Liam was about five months old and we spent a lot of our free time taking him on walks. Back then it was simple. We would keep him in his sleep n’ plays all day and wear him in the carrier. No fussing with layers or big kid clothes. However, this year we can barely hold him still for a second. He has become a wildly…

  • nexplanon birth control

    Nexplanon | An Updated Birth Control Review

    About eight months ago I shared a review on Nexplanon. In that review, I spoke about the insertion procedure, some of the side effects I experienced, and how well it was working for me. I made it clear that it was not the best or safest form of birth control, but that it was the best choice for me at the time. Today I wanted to provide you with a better-detailed review based on my research and experience. A few months ago I had the Nexplanon removed and I am so happy I did. So if you are thinking about birth control and are looking into this arm implant, keep…

  • find our self identity in motherhood
    Becoming A Mother,  Personal Growth

    Finding Your Self-Identity In Motherhood

    Did you lose your self-identity after becoming a mother? I know I did. I was so focused on being a perfect mom and a perfect wife and a perfect everything for everyone that in the process, I lost sight of who I was. Not to say that I knew my purpose before motherhood, but I was a little selfish and felt more in tune with my desires. It’s sort of bittersweet this motherhood thing. I mean, becoming a mom to my sweet boy has been the greatest blessing and has made me mature and become very selfless and responsible, but after a year of joy, struggles, and so many new…

  • about wemadeit

    On My Life’s Purpose

    What is your life’s’ purpose? I thought that as a mom, my purpose was TO BE A MOM. The past few days have taught me that even though I enjoy being a mom, it is not my life’s purpose. I mean, am I the only one that feels that way? With all of the mommy instagramers and bloggers out there, it almost feels like mothering HAS to be a mothers’ purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I love so many of these women who are slaying the social media game and creating incredible content and making a living doing what they love. I love them so much that for a long…

  • bed sharing save money

    How Bed Sharing Can Save You Money | Sleep After Baby

    In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded with innovative products that promise to simplify our lives. This is especially true in the baby industry. From the second you find out you are expecting, you begin browsing the baby stores, Amazon, and the ever euphoric, Target. You choose a baby registry and you add item after item. At this stage, it can be easy to see the amount of money you could be spending and not fret because everything is so new and beautiful, but once the baby fever fades and your bank accounts start experiencing a drought, you start looking for ways to save money. So let me…