six months of liam

Six Months Of Liam

Today my baby reaches half a year of life; a milestone that I have been anticipating since before he was born. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FOUR days of wonder, overwhelm, and love. Thinking back on it, I feel joy and tenderness, but it’s been a rough road and we are just now starting to figure things out. I think.
Liam was a tiny little bug when he was born. He was also very hairy and very cute. I could not believe that my husband and I had made him. A little human being that was half Jay Jay and, well, half Jay Jay because at the time he looked nothing like me. Since then, he has evolved into a sweet little piece of each. I see so much of my personality in him; so much that sometimes I worry. Yet, I love looking into his eyes and catching a glimpse of his daddy, my love, Jay Jay.
In the past six months, he has developed so much. His motor skills have amazed me every single day, his milk and puree intake has tripled, and he has evolved into a social butterfly. He smiles at everyone and loves loud noises. His favorite foods are green beans and butternut squash, he does not like very sweet or sour flavors, and he really enjoys his milk, especially before bed. YES, we bottle feed to sleep, but at this time, it is a god sent for me because our bedtime routine is my favorite part of the day.
At twenty-six weeks, we have finally established a calm routine. It is a very short time, but I treasure it, oh so very much! It begins with some cuddles on his changing table, a bunch of kisses all over his face, and a generous amount of Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief cream all over his body. I put his PJs on, brush his wild hair, and put him on his swing while I get his bottle ready. I am pretty convinced that he knows the routine because he always sits patiently while I get his bottle ready. We then go into the room, I turn off the lights, turn on his sound machine, and rock him while he drinks his six ounces. Once he’s finished, I hold him tight and we cuddle for about fifteen minutes before I place him in his Dock A Tot. This time is my absolute favorite and I hope to do it for as long as possible. I have no interest whatsoever in training him to fall asleep on his own. Maybe someday it will be necessary, but for now, this is our special time.
His sleep has improved times a thousand. For about four months we were waking up every two to three hours. I struggled with thinking that I had to sleep train him, but I knew that I did not want to. We did sleep train for a few days and always failed. I could not bare his cries. Then one day, against everyone’s advice, but following my own intuition, I put him in bed with me. It was scary and I must have slept about thirty minutes each hour, but I found that Liam had five hours of uninterrupted sleep. Two nights went by, three night went by, and each night was better and better. With safety in mind, I bought the Dock A Tot and we now have nights of up to seven hours of uninterrupted sleep.
I mention our bedtime routine and sleeping habits because if I am completely honest with you, sleep has been our biggest struggle in the past six months.
During the sunlight hours, however, Liam is a joy. He is so curious and active. He is just now starting to wiggle his way out of my arms and explore his surroundings. He does not crawl, but he does roll over and when in a seating position, he tries to pull himself up.
I absolutely love watching him grow and I cannot wait to see him become a perfect little gentleman.
Much Love,
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