Fall and Winter Capsule Wardrobe
Capsule Wardrobe

Toddler Capsule Wardrobe | Fall + Winter 2018

Fall and Winter in South Florida are not nearly as cozy as I would like them to be, but at some point, it does cool down. So until then, I’m going to start working on our capsule wardrobes for the upcoming seasons.

Last Fall Liam was about five months old and we spent a lot of our free time taking him on walks. Back then it was simple. We would keep him in his sleep n’ plays all day and wear him in the carrier. No fussing with layers or big kid clothes. However, this year we can barely hold him still for a second. He has become a wildly independent frizzy ball of energy and if I’m being honest, I am extremely excited for the weather to cool down so that we can take him to the park. Also, I can’t wait to kiss his chilly cheeks and smell his wintery hair.

The change in weather brings a change in wardrobe and as I transition my family lifestyle into more of a minimalist and simple one, I want to curate a practical yet stylish closet for each member of our household. We actually already have somewhat of a capsule in use. I guess it can be considered our basics wardrobe capsule. These are the articles of clothing that we can wear throughout the year. Liam has a good amount of onesies, shirts, shorts, and pants that he can wear on an everyday basis, but I want to create this fall and winter capsule for him to expand his basics with layers.

Another reason for curating his toddler capsule wardrobe is that Liam is 13 months and growing. He is starting to outgrow his 12-month clothes and will be in desperate need of new items. So among these new seasonal pieces, you will see a couple of new basics. I cringe at the number of clothes that he has outgrown. I mean, bags and bags of barely used clothes that thankfully we were able to pass down to family. So from now on, I want to make sure that we stick to fewer items that he can actually get good use out of. That is why I am going with higher end, but still affordable pieces (hello, Zara).

So let’s talk about my toddler’s capsule wardrobe for Fall and Winter of 2018.

Planning Process

Liam needs movable clothes, soft materials, and neutral colors. OK, that last one is all me. I love how he looks in blacks, grays, and whites. And, yes, I am one of those mamas that really dislikes bright colored and obnoxiously printed children’s clothes.

Before looking for clothes to purchase, I went through his current items and box of gifted clothes that have yet to fit him. I found one caramel utility jacket and a dark gray jogger. After shopping his closet, I made a list of the items I wanted to get him. Having an idea of the type of pieces you want is crucial because if you don’t already know what you need, you will just shop your little heart out and end up with too much.

Liam’s Fall + Winter Wardrobe Capsule Wishlist

  • Jacket
  • Beanie
  • 2 Basic Sweaters
  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • 2 Button Ups
  • 2 Dressy Pants
  • Boots

Once I knew what I wanted, I browsed my favorite stores (hello, Zara + H&M). I compared prices and picked out the items I liked. So here’s Liam’s capsule for Fall and Winter of 2018.

Capsule Wardrobe

Fall and Winter Capsule Wardrobe

As you can see, I’m going for mostly warm colors. These pieces will add lots of texture to his basic wardrobe and will complement a lot of the clothes he already has for the upcoming holiday season. I have a lot of ideas on how to pair these items for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas. I am very much in love with this capsule and hope you love it too. If you want to check them out, the links are below.

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