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What Does Baby Eczema Look Like

Google the words “baby eczema” and you will find hundreds if not thousands of heart-wrenching photos. These photos, however, will only give you a glimpse into the harsh reality of parents with eczema-prone children. They do not describe to you what baby eczema really is or what it looks like.

From the first day of Liam’s diagnosis, I have had multiple friends, family members, and strangers downplay the condition. I’ve had so many people doubt the gravity of his flare-ups and even more people criticize me for prioritizing staying at home with him over going out while he was going through his first flare-ups.

Baby eczema looks like an isolated family against the world.

When our sweet boy had his first eczema flare up on his tummy and arms, I was so worried and distressed. My mind was going crazy because not only was I a first time and sleep deprived mother, I was now entering completely uncharted and non-researched territory. Not in a million years did I think that my baby would have such an aggressive condition.

Baby eczema looks like two parents who do not know what they are doing.

Then the rash spread to his neck and every fold in his cute baby body was raw, I imagined the worse. My mind went to a dark and depressed place where all I could see was my baby crying for help and his skin peeling off. Yes, this may sound dramatic, but I promise you that it was agonizing. Every hour that passed and every time that I looked at him, I became more and more depressed. There was nothing I could do for him. I had ZERO control

Baby eczema looks like a train that is derailing but never comes to a stop.

One day, after two months of testing out different products, Liam woke up with baby soft skin. A skin I had no recollection of. The skin of the baby I held on August 14, when he was born. Everything was good in the world.

Baby eczema looks like trial and error and error and success.

And then my son, my moon, and my stars had an allergic reaction to oats and his skin exploded with hives and later on the biggest eczema flare up to date. We were warned by our pediatrician that any allergic reaction would result in a flare-up, but after having it managed for some time, it was heartbreaking to be back to square one. This time, however, the anguish was short lived because we had already done our trial and error and we already knew what worked.

Baby eczema looks like a never-ending maze.

So here we are. Almost six months into a world full of Liam and we have had so many new experiences. One of the most memorable being our battle with baby eczema and I am so very thankful that this has been our biggest battle. Eczema is debilitating, in so many ways really, but it could be worse, it could always be worse.

Baby eczema looks like an appreciative mother or father.

So Much Love,

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